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Are you struggling to grasp the intricacies of J.B. Priestley's timeless masterpiece, "An Inspector Calls"? 


Introducing a new EHS Masterclass! This 18-page, comprehensive GCSE revision ebook on "An Inspector Calls" has been designed to help you to develop your knowledge of this classic play and improve your confidence in the GCSE Literature exams.


What's Inside? 



Delve into the historical and social context surrounding the play, gaining invaluable insights into Priestley's intentions and the world in which the characters exist.



Navigate through the intricate plot of "An Inspector Calls" with ease, ensuring you understand every twist, turn, and revelation.


Key Themes

Uncover the underlying themes that permeate the narrative, from responsibility and morality to class and societal expectations.


Main Characters

Find out more about the affluent Birling family and the enigmatic Inspector Goole, understanding their motivations, flaws and significance to the story.


Key Quotations

Revise a selection of key quotations that encapsulate the essence of the play.


Exam Questions and Suggested Answers

Practice makes perfect! Test your knowledge with a range of thought-provoking exam-style questions, complete with suggested answers, to sharpen your skills and prepare you for success.


With the "EHS Masterclass - An Inspector Calls," you'll feel able to tackle any exam question with confidence, impress examiners and elevate your grades.


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Please note: This is a digital ebook which can be downloaded immediately after purchase and is best viewed online. Due to the nature of this product, no returns or refunds can be offered. However, in the event of any questions or issues downloading your file, please do not hesitate to contact me.


EHS Masterclass - "An Inspector Calls" Revision Ebook


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