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Unlock Success with this EHS Masterclass - AQA GCSE English Language, Paper 1 (ebook)


As an experienced English tutor (and former teacher) with over two decades of expertise in preparing students for AQA English exams, I've witnessed the challenges Year 10 and Year 11 face with the GCSE English Language exam papers.


Despite being fully booked for English tuition until June 2025, my commitment to helping students to succeed in their English Language exams led me to create a comprehensive digital guide to AQA GCSE English Language Paper 1.


** If you're interested in this guide to AQA GCSE English Language, Paper 1, you might like to complete the set with the AQA GCSE English Language guide to Paper 2. 

Learn more and SAVE £4 when you buy the EHS Masterclass - AQA GCSE English Language Revision Bundle, containing the ebook for Paper 1 (55 pages) and for Paper 2 (38 pages). **


What's Inside?


Detailed Insights

Explore 55 pages of valuable content delving into assessment objectives, question breakdowns, mark allocations, time management strategies and effective exam techniques.


Contents include:


  • Assessment Objectives: Gain a deeper understanding of the GCSE English Language exams.


  • Question Analysis: Uncover insights into each of the five exam questions, including structure, mark allocation, assessment criteria and strategies to help you to answer the question.


  • Practical Guidance: Access helpful sentence starters, example paragraphs and advice tailored to each question.


  • Support with Creative Writing: Confidently tackle Question 5 (Section B) with guidance on how to create well-crafted and engaging descriptive and narrative writing (and how you can prepare in advance!)



Author's Note and Reviews

Learn more about my teaching experience and what students and clients have to say about the effectiveness of my teaching methods.



Join the Community

Connect with like-minded learners in my Facebook group, "GCSE English Language & Literature Support."


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⚠️ Please note: This is an ebook - a downloadable PDF best viewed on a digital device. Due to the digital nature of this product, it is not possible to accept refunds so please ensure that you are completely happy with the product before making your purchase. If you have any questions about the ebook or how to access it,  please contact me at 




EHS Masterclass - AQA GCSE English Language, Paper 1 (ebook)


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