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Tuition Packages

I offer a variety of tuition packages to suit all ages and these include:

  • Preparation and delivery of a 1 hour lesson, tailored to your child's ability and learning goals.

  • Regular homework / revision activities, including past exam questions, PLUS both verbal and written feedback.

  • Regular updates on their progress, including current strengths and areas for development.

Library Book Choice

Choosing a Tutor

Before hiring a tutor, you should ensure that they have the relevant qualifications and experience, are familiar with the requirements of the National Curriculum (or, if home educated, the requirements of any curriculum you might be using) and an Enhanced DBS Check (preferably on the DBS Update Service).

I am a qualified teacher, an experienced tutor, have an Enhanced DBS Check on the Update Service and numerous reviews from many happy clients.

In addition, I am proud of the following 3 facts:

20 years of teaching English

100% of students have improved their exam performance

100% of students have achieved at least one level / grade higher than predicted

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