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Does your child enjoy stories? Would they like to write their own but are not sure where to start? Do they already write stories and would like to develop their skills?


"What's Your Story? Creative Writing for Kids: Step by Step Guide" is a 14 page, printable activity pack and will help kids, aged 7 - 12 years old, to plan and write their own creative stories. It includes a 7 step process and written and prompts to inspire ideas and guide their writing.


This pack is designed to be used with the "What's Your Story?" Creative Writing for Kids: Resource Pack" which is also available to purchase from my online shop.


What's inside? 


  • The 7 Steps to a Successful Story
  • Step 1: Look for Inspiration
  • Step 2: Create a Character
  • Step 3: Set the Scene
  • Step 4: Start at the Beginning
  • Sort out the Sequence
  • Step 5: What's the Problem?
  • Step 6: Expect the Unexpected
  • Step 7: How Does it End?
  • Story Mountain
  • Uplevel your Writing
  • Writing Checklist
  • Congratulations - An opportunity to share your work


Please note: This is a digital file which can be instantly downloaded and printed. Therefore, no returns or refunds can be accepted and you will NOT receive a physical product in the post. 


Don't forget: This "Step by Step Guide" is designed to be used alongside the "What's Your Story? Creative Writing for Kids: Resource Pack."


What's Your Story? Creative Writing for Kids: Step by Step Guide


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