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Capture the special bond between your children and their father with this beautifully designed "All About Dad" printable book. Perfect for a birthday or Father's Day gift!


Each page encourages children to reflect on and write about their special relationship with their Dad and, once complete, will become a treasured keepsake.


Contents include:


All About My Dad

A comprehensive overview of Dad, from his age and hair colour to his talents and favourite sayings.


Get To Know My Dad

Fun facts and personal details about Dad... through your child's eyes.


Dad’s Favourite Things

A page dedicated to all the things Dad loves.


Dad’s Superpowers

Celebrate the extraordinary abilities that your child believes makes their Dad a superhero!


Interview With Dad

A selection of interview questions for your child to ask their Dad.


Dad’s Words Of Wisdom

A place to capture Dad’s advice and life lessons.


Dad’s Favourite Jokes

Write down Dad’s best jokes that always bring a smile.


Dad’s Goals & Accomplishments

Celebrate Dad’s achievements and future aspirations.


Dad, I Want You To Know...

Useful to help children to express their feelings and thoughts about their Dad.


Grateful For You Dad

A selection of prompts to help children to reflect on and write about the reasons they appreciate their Dad.


Thank you, Dad

A page for children to express their gratitude and appreciation.


Messages Of Love For Dad

Smaller, colourful boxes and speech bubbles for children to write shorter messages to their Dad. Perfect for younger children or reluctant writers.


Coupons For Dad

Thoughtful coupons for Dad to redeem for special offers...such as big hugs with his kids.


Father's Day Card

A printable Father's Day card for children to personalise and give to their Dad.


Please note:


This is a digital and printable product and you will NOT receive a physical product in the post.


After purchase, you will receive a link to a digital file which can be downloaded and printed immediately.


Due to the nature of this product, no returns / refunds can be accepted.

All About Dad - Printable Father's Day gift!


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