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Introducing the "Summer Activities For Kids" printable booklet. Perfect for Kids, aged 7 - 10 years old.


Are you looking for a way to keep your kids entertained and engaged this summer?


This printable activity booklet has over 50 pages packed with fun, educational and creative activities that will keep your little ones busy for hours. Whether you’re at home, on a road trip or enjoying a family holiday, this booklet is the perfect companion for your child’s summer adventures.


What's Inside?


This comprehensive activity booklet includes a variety of games, puzzles and creative exercises designed to stimulate young minds and keep the fun going all summer long


  • Cover Page: A bright and cheerful introduction to get kids excited about the fun ahead.
  • Thank You Page:  A special note to express my gratitude for choosing my booklet.


Counting and Matching Activities


  • Count and Colour: Combine maths skills with creativity as kids count and colour different objects.
  • Count and Colour the Graph: An engaging way to learn graphing and counting.
  • Count and Match: Enhance counting skills by matching numbers to objects.


Matching and Puzzle Fun



  • Shadow Matching: Improve visual recognition by matching objects to their shadows.
  • Match the Colours: A colourful way to learn and identify different colours.
  • Emoji Pictionary: Decode fun emoji messages.
  • Summer Fill-in: Fill in the blanks with summer-themed words.
  • Decode a Message: Crack the code to reveal hidden messages.
  • Seaside Alphabetical Order: Arrange seaside items in alphabetical order.
  • Dots to Squares: Connect the dots to form squares.


Games and Puzzles


  • Summer I Spy: Find and count summer-themed objects.
  • Which One is Different?: Spot the difference between similar pictures.
  • What Comes Next?: Predict the next item in a sequence.


Creative Writing and Drawing



  • Maze: Navigate through fun mazes.
  • Summer Acrostic Poem: Create a poem using summer words.
  • How Many Words? : Form as many words as possible from given letters.
  • Rhyming Words: Find words that rhyme with each other.
  • Quick Quiz: Test your knowledge with a quick quiz.
  • My Summer Bucket List: Write down your summer goals.
  • Summer Menu: Plan a delicious summer menu.
  • My Summer Trip: Describe your favourite trip.
  • Draw Your Favourite Summer Activity: Unleash your creativity and draw.
  • Spot the Difference: Another fun spot the difference activity.
  • Let's Draw: Guided drawing exercises.
  • Postcard from My Summer: Design a postcard.
  • Trace and Decorate: Trace and embellish fun shapes.
  • Connect and Colour: Connect the dots and add colour.
  • Summer Symmetry: Learn about symmetry by colouring.
  • Colour the Starfish: Bring starfish to life with colour.
  • Colouring Pages: Relax and enjoy colouring various pictures.


  • Answer Sheet: All the answers for the puzzles and games.


Why Choose the "Summer Activities For Kids" Booklet?


* Educational and Fun

Every activity is designed to enhance learning while keeping kids entertained.


* Printable and Convenient

Easily print at home or on the go.


* Engaging and Varied

A mix of activities ensures there’s something for every interest.


*Perfect for Summer

Themes and activities tailored to the summer season.


Download this printable activity booklet today and help your kids engage in a summer full of fun, learning and creativity.


Please note: This is a digital file which can be instantly downloaded and printed so you will not receive a physical product in the post and no refunds / returns can be accepted.


Please make sure that you are happy with this product before purchase and, if you have any questions or difficulties downloading your file, please do not hesitate to email me at



Summer Activities For Kids - Word Games, Colouring, Quizzes & Puzzles


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